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About Us

About Us

My is a revolutionary product of the ISOLS GROUP developed with an intention to provide the quick and seamless digital experience to the businesses across the globe. Under this domain we dispense a secure, reliable & user friendly platform to the businesses. Our goal is to provide, the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking to the businesses, in every corner of the world within their budget so that the businesses process get completely digitized which further improves their bottom lines and can delight their customers.

To meet the high expectations, our dedicated customer service team provides assistance and advocacy to all our customers.

Our Vision

My hot guarantees the digitization of the business with best booking engines for Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Spa, education and seminars. Our vision lies in providing the adequate, efficient, well coordinated, comfortable and economical services to the businesses, while earning enough for self-sustenance & growth, is our motto.

Our Mission

To digitize and streamline the workflow of the businesses, within their budgets by providing a digital strategy and capabilities and thus making them easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best experience after winning in a digitized world.